Friday, 23 June 2017

DAY OF RAGE June 21st

The so called 'DAY OF RAGE' was seemingly organised by MFJ or MOVEMENT FOR JUSTICE

Is this a genuine movement or just another George Soros funded movement ?

George Soros (another globalist puppet)

The DAY OF RAGE was to coincide with the QUEEN's SPEECH (by QUEEN ELIZABETH II accompanied by one of her sons' PRINCE CHARLES who is being set up to become KING when the Queen pops her clogs)

It is also to coincide with the SUMMER SOLSTICE of JUNE 21st the LONGEST DAY of the year, day 172 with 193 days remaining in the year.

Some people made a poster which read 'WE NEED JUSTICE for GRENFELL TOWER'

a simple black and white poster carried by some indigenous Black and Muslim residents.

GRENFELL TOWER is a reference to the DARK TOWER on the front cover of THE ECONOMIST MAGAZINE 2017

THE DARK TOWER top left, next to PRESIDENT TRUMP who celebrated his birthday on 14th June the same day that the GRENFELL TOWER erupted into flames like a TOWERING INFERNO (film made in 1974, just 42 years ago)

It is possible that people were burned alive in the Tower inferno, not far from BBC Studios and Westfield shopping centre, owned by a rich Jew. This is one of the ways the pagan satanists like to conduct business, to burn people alive.

But the evidence needs to be checked as to whether anyone was in the building as we are told that the Muslims were awake because of RAMADAN FASTING tradition. (???)

Here we have 3 people wearing DAY OF THE DEAD skull masks on the DAY OF RAGE march protesting against GRENFELL TOWER, QUEEN'S SPEECH, THERESA MAY, the BRITISH GOVERNMENT all in one RAGING PROTEST (without the rage)

2 black females holding RED and BLUE flares for some unknown reason
RED and BLUE make PURPLE (88 Std English) the colour of ROYALTY and the colour of a DYE made in the middle east.

Here a black man is seen gobbing with what looks like an elderly police officer with short hair. Another black man with a bicycle keeps his mate company.

Here's a closeup photo of the black man chatting to the elderly police officer (unarmed)

an old man dressed in red, detained by 2 young white men who are dressed as Police Officers (badge numbers?)
accompanied by 3 police officers or white males in front, 2 males behind the detained man.

Here is the same elderly man dressed all in red, detained by 2 white men dressed in police officer uniforms, accompanied by 2 other white men in police officer uniforms. The 2 males have managed to put handcuffs on the elderly gentleman and decide to chat about what to do next. One white male police officer points a finger at another white male police officer with spectacles (they seem to be arguing about something)
No police officer is carrying a side arm or taser gun. All 4 white males have short hair (similar to Military style shave)

A black male appears to be shouting at the cameraman who took this photo. A black male dressed all in white, detained by 4 white males dressed in Police Officer uniforms. The one white male on right who detains the black man has a TATTOO on his left arm.

White male police officer on far left is carrying a video camera on a tripod stand.

So it takes 4 white males to detain 1 black male at a peaceful DAY OF RAGE protest.

Same Black male in a prone position with hands behind back, close to concrete floor, looking at someone. detained by white males dressed as police officers, two of whom  have TATTOOS on their forearms, one of which is a PENTAGRAM.

Here is the same man being detained/surrounded by several white males dressed as Police Officers who keep his head down close to the ground. None of the police officers have weapons.

Here is the same black man lying prone on the concrete, with one male police officer lying on top of him with two supporting white male police officers to his left and right side. Two other white people dressed as police officers stand and watch as 2 cameramen get good close up images of the black man on the floor, another cameraman tries to film the action to the side, and another camerman films action behind the black man
so we have a case of Battery and Assault on an innocent black man at a peaceful rally by a group of white people dressed as police officers, surrounded by cameramen.

I see 2 white males trying to prise open a sewage drain with noone else in attendance or witnessing the event next to Westminster in London.

Here's a better view of an elderly male police officer accompanied by a female police officer mining for sewage

3 White males with binoculars looking down at something. None of the males choose to use the binoculars on the tripod behind them.

3 males and 1 female on display, photographed on a pavement. One elderly police officer, 1 male with dark hair (longer than all the rest of his mates) and spectacles with some sort of identity badge on chest.
female seems to be reading the Riot act in her right hand.
Other male has back turned to camera, wearing a traditional Police Helmet, no gun or extras it seems like his mates.
These people were probably placed there for the Royal Family members arrival to Parliament

4 males who appear to be police officers carrying semi automatic firearms.
Third man from left seems to be older with greying hair, and is carrying a different gun to his mates with larger magazine for his gun. Two men with beards at fore and aft walking to somwhere near Parliament building on the road with some spectators behind pre erected fencing.

3 unarmed white males have a chinwag by a yellow security barrier with ROAD CLOSED sign in the foreground. reinforced barriers along pavement to prevent a 'SUICIDE BOMBER' from breaching the pavement
the 3 males have the bare essentials on their persons, PHONE, HANDCUFFS, no guns or tasers in sight.

Who are the PROTESTERS and who are the 'POLICE OFFICERS'?

Are they real or stand ins ?

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