Friday, 23 June 2017

DAY OF RAGE June 21st

The so called 'DAY OF RAGE' was seemingly organised by MFJ or MOVEMENT FOR JUSTICE

Is this a genuine movement or just another George Soros funded movement ?

George Soros (another globalist puppet)

The DAY OF RAGE was to coincide with the QUEEN's SPEECH (by QUEEN ELIZABETH II accompanied by one of her sons' PRINCE CHARLES who is being set up to become KING when the Queen pops her clogs)

It is also to coincide with the SUMMER SOLSTICE of JUNE 21st the LONGEST DAY of the year, day 172 with 193 days remaining in the year.

Some people made a poster which read 'WE NEED JUSTICE for GRENFELL TOWER'

a simple black and white poster carried by some indigenous Black and Muslim residents.

GRENFELL TOWER is a reference to the DARK TOWER on the front cover of THE ECONOMIST MAGAZINE 2017

THE DARK TOWER top left, next to PRESIDENT TRUMP who celebrated his birthday on 14th June the same day that the GRENFELL TOWER erupted into flames like a TOWERING INFERNO (film made in 1974, just 42 years ago)

It is possible that people were burned alive in the Tower inferno, not far from BBC Studios and Westfield shopping centre, owned by a rich Jew. This is one of the ways the pagan satanists like to conduct business, to burn people alive.

But the evidence needs to be checked as to whether anyone was in the building as we are told that the Muslims were awake because of RAMADAN FASTING tradition. (???)

Here we have 3 people wearing DAY OF THE DEAD skull masks on the DAY OF RAGE march protesting against GRENFELL TOWER, QUEEN'S SPEECH, THERESA MAY, the BRITISH GOVERNMENT all in one RAGING PROTEST (without the rage)

2 black females holding RED and BLUE flares for some unknown reason
RED and BLUE make PURPLE (88 Std English) the colour of ROYALTY and the colour of a DYE made in the middle east.

Here a black man is seen gobbing with what looks like an elderly police officer with short hair. Another black man with a bicycle keeps his mate company.

Here's a closeup photo of the black man chatting to the elderly police officer (unarmed)

an old man dressed in red, detained by 2 young white men who are dressed as Police Officers (badge numbers?)
accompanied by 3 police officers or white males in front, 2 males behind the detained man.

Here is the same elderly man dressed all in red, detained by 2 white men dressed in police officer uniforms, accompanied by 2 other white men in police officer uniforms. The 2 males have managed to put handcuffs on the elderly gentleman and decide to chat about what to do next. One white male police officer points a finger at another white male police officer with spectacles (they seem to be arguing about something)
No police officer is carrying a side arm or taser gun. All 4 white males have short hair (similar to Military style shave)

A black male appears to be shouting at the cameraman who took this photo. A black male dressed all in white, detained by 4 white males dressed in Police Officer uniforms. The one white male on right who detains the black man has a TATTOO on his left arm.

White male police officer on far left is carrying a video camera on a tripod stand.

So it takes 4 white males to detain 1 black male at a peaceful DAY OF RAGE protest.

Same Black male in a prone position with hands behind back, close to concrete floor, looking at someone. detained by white males dressed as police officers, two of whom  have TATTOOS on their forearms, one of which is a PENTAGRAM.

Here is the same man being detained/surrounded by several white males dressed as Police Officers who keep his head down close to the ground. None of the police officers have weapons.

Here is the same black man lying prone on the concrete, with one male police officer lying on top of him with two supporting white male police officers to his left and right side. Two other white people dressed as police officers stand and watch as 2 cameramen get good close up images of the black man on the floor, another cameraman tries to film the action to the side, and another camerman films action behind the black man
so we have a case of Battery and Assault on an innocent black man at a peaceful rally by a group of white people dressed as police officers, surrounded by cameramen.

I see 2 white males trying to prise open a sewage drain with noone else in attendance or witnessing the event next to Westminster in London.

Here's a better view of an elderly male police officer accompanied by a female police officer mining for sewage

3 White males with binoculars looking down at something. None of the males choose to use the binoculars on the tripod behind them.

3 males and 1 female on display, photographed on a pavement. One elderly police officer, 1 male with dark hair (longer than all the rest of his mates) and spectacles with some sort of identity badge on chest.
female seems to be reading the Riot act in her right hand.
Other male has back turned to camera, wearing a traditional Police Helmet, no gun or extras it seems like his mates.
These people were probably placed there for the Royal Family members arrival to Parliament

4 males who appear to be police officers carrying semi automatic firearms.
Third man from left seems to be older with greying hair, and is carrying a different gun to his mates with larger magazine for his gun. Two men with beards at fore and aft walking to somwhere near Parliament building on the road with some spectators behind pre erected fencing.

3 unarmed white males have a chinwag by a yellow security barrier with ROAD CLOSED sign in the foreground. reinforced barriers along pavement to prevent a 'SUICIDE BOMBER' from breaching the pavement
the 3 males have the bare essentials on their persons, PHONE, HANDCUFFS, no guns or tasers in sight.

Who are the PROTESTERS and who are the 'POLICE OFFICERS'?

Are they real or stand ins ?

Monday, 19 June 2017


An alleged attack on FINSBURY PARK MOSQUE in LONDON has been labelled as a Terrorist Attack.

I first wonder why Muslims would go to prayer late on MONDAY and then leave the Mosque just after Midnight.

I think the Muslim day of prayer is a FRIDAY (Freya/Venus)

I also wonder if this is just an accident or a crime, not a Terrorist incident. The term Terrorist Attack allows authorities to treat a suspect with different rules compared to a Crime scene or Accident.

The news first told us that the Suspect was unknown to Police or authorities (such as MI5). Later news shows that the authorities were able to get all sorts of details about the suspect.

The suspect was named as DARREN OSBORNE, A father of 4 who hired a VAN from PONTYCLUN in South Wales. PONTYCLUN is the location of SOUTH WALES FIRE SERVICE, in the region of the VALE OF GLAMORGAN.

So why would a man who is a father of 4 children decide to carry out an attack or accidentally crash a vehicle near a Mosque?

There have been ongoing issues with the BREXIT debacle as well as RAMADAN for MUSLIMS.

Why would a man drive into people on the street, if any, at Midnight 18th June going into 19th June (which coincides with the alleged murder of a JO COX MP from Batley, near Manchester) ?

I wonder where the CCTV evidence is located. I wonder where the IPhone or video camera footage is located other than one individual recording something going on with a middle aged man seen lying on the ground shouting 'KILL ME' as he is held down by Muslims, one who has his arm twisted, such as an udnercover cop might be obliged to do to a suspect.

There has a been recent glut of events happening late at night, from about 10:30pm to Midnight. Why is this the case?

Would any witnesses be present to experience what actually happened at FINSBURY PARK.

It is well known to the Public that FINSBURY PARK has become known to be a notorious place for radicalisation of Muslims, according to how the Media has created this storyline.

Anything involving the likes of Mayor SADIQ KHAN, CRESSIDA DICK, NEIL BASU, GEORGE ALAGIAH (BBC News), THERESA MAY is leaning towards some sort of strange balls up involvinv the Media.

We have the likes of SADIQ KHAN who was appointed or selected to me Mayor of London (not to be confused with the LORD MAYOR of LONDON, who is a different entity)

Mr KHAN is presumably a Muslim. Ever since Mr KHAN took office, it seems the likelihood of a Islamic terror attack has increased dramatically over the last 1 or 2 years.

Never mind the EDL or Tommy Robinson of the Far Right saying things which may well be true. For the Media to decide to censor or ignore issues raised by the Public would be disastrous. What first needs to be ascertained is the identity of Tommy Robinson to discover whether he is a genuine person or just another government stooge.

It is claimed that Mr DARREN OSBORNE, if that's the name we're going with, mowed down some pedestrians coming our or loitering on the pavement at Midnight near FINSBURY PARK MOSQUE.

It is claimed that 1 person died, an elderly man, but the news cannot confirm whether the death was caused by the OSBORNE's van mowing everyone down.

Then we're told that 8 people or more were injured, some lying under the wheels of the VAN, something I saw NO evidence of, only chinese whispers through the mainstream media.

I see what looks like 2 adults dressed in light blue outfits walking around an alleged crime scene.
The alleged locations of evidence are marked out with letters, D, E, I. these spell out the word -DIE-. The photograph is taken from some height, looking down on the blue suited adults. This crime scene should have been dealt with not long after the Crime, to prevent contamination of the crime scene.

An image of two men dressed in what looks like Police SWAT team fatigues, no HELMET, GLASSES, GLOVES, A Velcro Patch which says POLICE on the chest. Semi Automatic firearms pointing down at the concrete.
These two men look like SOLDIERS to me. Man in front points his index finger (Venus or Jupiter finger) above or near trigger, not actually ON the trigger, so it looks like he is ready to fire but it is only the PREPARED position.

Why don't these 2 men have HELMETS to protect their heads from potential gunfire. If you're going to bring a firearm, get ready for battle but the Suspect didn't have a KNIFE or a GUN, just a VAN, from WALES.

What are all these people ACTUALLY doing ?  None of these ALLEGED  POLICE OFFICERS have helmets. Some of them are balding, some have beards or stubble on their faces. There is 1 woman amongst them. There are about 11 people standing close together for some reason.

Man in blue outfit is checking his/her mobile phone, not inspecting evidence with TELEPHOTO LENS camera or kneeling down close to evidence. An alleged Police officer standing away from Cameraman who must have woken early to get this photograph early in the morning on London's streets.
Man to right of Police Officer (?) pointing away from Cameraman looking at things inside a van.

HIGHBURY is the location of ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB who won the FA CUP final against CHELSEA earlier in MAY 2017.
Perhaps the link to ARSENAL is the ARSE or the ASS.

This event or episode just happened to occur in LABOUR leader JEREMY CORBYN (CORBYN=RAVEN) constituency of FINSBURY or thereabouts.

JEREMY CORBYN was accused of profiteering from previous events such as the London Bridge episode and the Grenfell Tower fire to attack Tory Leader and Prime Minister THERESA MAY.

So an attack just happens to occur in Mr Corbyn's backyard who we're told is deeply upset at the recent event. So his constituency consists of Labour supporters, some of whom are Black, Indian or asian Muslims who attend Finsbury Park Mosque.

SADIQ KHAN is also present in this photograph. Who made SADIQ KHAN the MAYOR of London when the last incumbent was BORIS JOHNSON who has now become Foreign Minister who may be vying for the Tory leadership.

Tommy Robinson made a valid point about the source of Islam in Britain. They have been allowed to settle here, same as the Black Africans were allowed to settle in Britain. They want to move away from giving Mr Robinson a public voice to avoid a FAR RIGHT uprising in Britain.

Whenever you have a LABOUR or TORY government, the FAR LEFT or FAR RIGHT wings are too far away from the action. THERESA MAY and the TORY government are not too far from creating a FASCIST government, one where police are armed to the teeth, one where Corporations have more power.

The problem with both the GRENFELL TOWER FIRE and the FINSBURY MOSQUE event is that it centres around MUSLIMS and some black people. So they take centre stage in both events which raises the issue of ISLAM in Britain.

Going after critics of ISLAM can also stifle free speech about Britian's foreign policy of allowing overseas citizens to settle in Britain. Britain has been America and Israel's lapdog, helping to bomb and clear out the Middle East, which can only help ISRAEL to have peace or expand its borders into what is presently SYRIA.

There is also the BIG ISSUE of the INTERNET. THERESA MAY promises to tackle ONLINE EXTREMISM so a TERRORIST MANUAL written by Britain's MI5 or the British Military can only help fuel the flames of an Agenda to stifle the Internet, stifle british people's issues about Multiculturalism and Diversity.

HATE CRIMES can only come from an ethnically diverse culture, one where the present incumbents feel increasingly marginalised by the way government opens the door to migrants from war torn countries like Syria, Iraq, Libya. Places which were bombed by allied forces.  Places which once belonged to ALEXANDER THE GREAT's empire some 2000 years ago, and perhaps to the ROMAN EMPIRE.

Saturday, 17 June 2017


The TOWER BLOCK fire at GRENFELL TOWER in KENSINGTON and CHELSEA borough, One of, if not THE richest borough in LONDON suffered an allegedly catastrophic TOWER BLOCK fire starting on the night of Tuesday 13th June leading into Wednesday 14th June 2017.

I believe that this fire is a manufactured event to coincide with the front cover of this year's ECONOMIST MAGAZINE which features an image in the top left, an artist drawing of a damaged TOWER, seemingly split by a LIGHTNING BOLT or something else. Then right next to it is an artist's drawing of PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP sitting on what appears to be a Globe or perhaps a WRECKING BALL.

The cover of the ECONOMIST MAGAZINE 2017 shows top left an image of a medieaval like TOWER hit by a  LIGHTNING BOLT which causes the tower to split at the top in such a way as to make the shape of a letter -V- (V for VENUS). In the background is the flag of old COMMUNIST RUSSIA, and on the right is a CROSS which is well known to CHRISTIANS, representing a CROSS on which a man named JESUS who was crucified on a CROSS at CALVARY in modern day ISRAEL.

DONALD TRUMP is sitting on top of Planet Earth, sitting on top of an American flag, holding some sort of object like a WAND in his left hand, perhaps something similar to what QUEEN ELIZABETH II would have held on her CORONATION DAY sitting on the STONE OF SCONE at some London Cathedral (St Paul's Cathedral?)

Note also that USAIN BOLT (not his real name) is to retire from ATHLETICS shortly after the WORLD ATHLETICS CHAMPIONSHIPS in LONDON in AUGUST this year.

His name looks like USA-IN-BOLT, so I think his acquired name is a reference to AMERICA, and the close proximity to his retirement with events unfolding with DONALD TRUMP and ENGLAND should not be overlooked as coincidence.

THE DARK TOWER by STEPHEN KING (Horror/Drama writer)
A series of now 8 books written in several different genres first written back in 1982 and the last book written in 2012.

This film is to be released in cinemas on 18th August (18/8) 2017.

The film release comes 66 days after the initial fire at GRENFELL TOWER in KENSINGTON and CHELSEA borough (home to CHELSEA FOOTBALL Club, one of the richest football clubs in Britain)


I think IDRIS is a Hindu name not a Black African name.

There is probably a link up to STEPHEN KING's novels as one of the series of books probably features a GUNSLINGER.

released in America in 2015 but out in cinemas on 16th March 2016 in the UK.


HIGH RISE is a dystopic film about different social levels living in a TOWER BLOCK with the architect living right at the top in a Penthouse.

first released in 1974 (USA) later released in 30th January 1975 UK.
Starring PAUL NEWMAN and STEVE MCQUEEN who motoring enthusiasts, one in a CAR, the other on a MOTORCYCLE

There have been recent adverts promoting THE TOWERING INFERNO on one of the UK Film channels.
I think I know why because it is a Link up to the recent GRENFELL TOWER episode.

It is unknown whether ANYONE actually perished in the TOWER FIRE.

What I remember is a Red/Yellow flame outside the building on the FOURTH FLOOR and it seemed to rise and rise up in a straight line up the tower then it probably spread outward.

To claim that someone's FRIDGE caused all the devastation of FIRE in the building is UTTERLY ABSURD.

You have an appliance that keeps things COOL or FROZEN, something happens to it, like it EXPLODES like a GAS TANK, then the outside of the Building catches fire in minutes.

Most of the people interviewed during and after its burning were MUSLIMS or BLACK AFRICANS. 

This just happened to occur during the FASTING period of RAMADAN,  an event observed by MUSLIMS all over the world.

The media said that because MUSLIMS were awake due to RAMADAN they were able to quickly escape from the building, and/or alert others to the danger.

Claims of babies and children being dropped out of 5th floor apartments or higher could also be ABSURD without the IPHONE evidence captured by escapees or witnesses to prove it.

I almost forgot that it was DONALD TRUMP's 71st Birthday on Wednesday 14th June 2017. 71 is 144 in Standard English,


Now a word about Mainstream Media.

This man is a disgrace to JOURNALISM for allowing himself to participate in a LIE or HALF LIE baked up by whoever coordinated the TOWER BLOCK FIRE to coincide with the cover of THE ECONOMIST MAGAZINE.

NAGA MUNCHETTY returned from a long break to come back for the MANCHESTER ATTACK episode on MAY 22nd at MANCHESTER ARENA.

LOUISE MINCHIN I think was demoted to street reporter for the EPISODE.

BEN BROWN. I used to like this journalist but I now believe he is part of the CON. Whenever I see his face as a street reporter, I believe the news report is fake so SHAME ON YOU B.B.

I am also certain that this journalist who has a tv show called VICTORIA DERBYSHIRE is another person who is present at these CONS.

I am also unconvinced that she had CANCER or had any treatment but the proof is in the pudding so if VICTORIA DERBYSHIRE can provide solid evidence of that, I will retract my statement.

One of the TOP ANCHORMEN working for BBC NEWS along with GEORGE ALAGIAH (ELIJAH??)

MR EDWARDS is also present at events to add more SERIOUSNESS to the event and he is also a kind of DADDY to all of us CHILDREN watching through out FLAT SCREEN TVs.

And he's welsh so he has no serious credentials as a journalist,  unless you count QUEEN ELIZABETH's 90th Birthday celebration concert held outside BUCKINGHAM PALACE a newsworthy effort.

A former newspaper editor now a news presenter on ITV News. He comes out with pertinent points but he is also another dickhead and stooge of the Mainstream Media, getting us upset about pointless or distracting issues like ARIANA GRANDE's singing voice at the MANCHESTER ARENA.

I don't trust any journalist, especially AN EDITOR !!!

a former BBC BREAKFAST presenter who defected to ITV NEWS so she could feel more cosy on a sofa located in LONDON. Her late antics on BBC BREAKFAST probably led this hussy all the way to ITV begging for work anyway, and she'd probably had enough of BBC after failing to win STRICTLY COME DANCING with her dance partner KEVIN. She was too old.

Note the shape of the buildings adjacent to the TOWER. They appear to make the shape of the number -3-, or an -M- (MASONS), or -W- or the shape of the TRIDENT, as held by POSEIDON (God of the Deep water, also associated with the PLANET NEPTUNE which rules PISCES (THE FISH).

Note the close proximity of BBC STUDIOS compared to the GRENFELL TOWER, KENSINGTON (47 Pythagoras)

Also note the proximity of a SHOPPING MALL. Owned by FRANK LOWY an Australian Israeli Businessman (similar to RUPERT MURDOCH the Australian-Israeli Media Mogul)

It is called WESTFIELD SHOPPING MALL. Mr LOWY I think owned the shopping mall in NAIROBI, location of another HOAX in a shopping mall.

NAIROBI is also an important area of operation for the UNITED NATIONS.


News reports claimed that 17 people had died. The number 17 has been very very popular over the past 2 or 3 years now. I don't know why. Then the number 74 was mentioned later, maybe the number injured and confirmed dead, I don't know. Now the number of fatalities for a building that supposedly housed about 500 people is counted at 58.

This number, 58, is another popular number associated with events, It may also be a HOAX code number presented to the public by the Masons on behalf of their Jewish masters who always seem to be behind everything.

The Jewish race are fake or overrun by FAKE JEWS. Some are called HASIDIC RABBIS, others known as ZIONISTS which is probably a mix of JEWS and JEW or HALF JEW born individuals in positions of power like POLITICS, LAW, BANKING, COMMERCE, INDUSTRY.

BBC news and ITV news journalists are disgraceful at not presenting the facts. Instead they focus on how the victims and witnesses were FEELING.

Well i don't just blame the journalists but the whole shabang of PRODUCERS, EDITORS, CAMERAMEN, SENIOR PRODUCERS, DIRECTORS and and MI5 office stationed in BBC HEADQUARTERS.

That should do it.

DEATHS need to be confirmed with AUTOPSIES by an independent group so that the Masonic police, Media, Photographers, Doctors, don't have a MONOPOLY on the control of INFORMATION.

This whole event was to set off a chain of events according to THE ECONOMIST MAGAZINE 2017 front cover.

The coincidence of the GRENFELL TOWER (GREEN-FELL),  a TOWER which was feared to FALL but experts later said it wouldn't (unlike THE TWIN TOWERS, which were detonated in a controlled demolition in September 2001)

GRENFELL TOWER and A TOWER alongside DONALD TRUMP on the front cover of the ECONOMIST MAGAZINE is a direct link.

It is only assumed that people were in the TOWER.

Knowing what the Pagan, Masonic, Jewish, Satanic covens like to do with sacrifices, it is unknown if anyone died.

An independent investigation would need to be conducted, outside the circles of Jews, Masons, Satanists, Witch Covens or any Shadow group that manipulates history.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017


A recap of events in or around MANCHESTER

MANCHESTER derives from the old word of MAMCUMUM which could refer to a female BREAST. It later became known as MANCUNIUM by the Romans. The Suffix -CHESTER denotes a FORT or GARRISON that was set up by the Roman invaders.

The word MANCHESTER could also be suggestive of something TRANSSEXUAL because MAN=MALE/MAN then CHEST=BREASTS/CHEST area. ER could be reversed to read RE (SUN, AMEN RE of EGYPT)

So MAN-CHEST-ER can mean a Female with a Manly chest (Transgender) or an Androgynous being which has the traits of a MALE and FEMALE human, maybe like AKHENATEN of EGYPT.

MAY 22nd 2017 was the date of an alleged bomb attack at an indoor Arena in Manchester, next to the VICTORIA STATION which would allow for people to travel directly to the Arena from various areas.

This event just happend to be an event involving ARIANA GRANDE. She is a 23 year old American Pop singer who appeals to young children and teenagers of a female gender.

She is also one of the stars from NICKLEODEON on Television. This is comparable to the Disney kids like JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, BRITNEY SPEARS et al.

This event happened on a MONDAY (MOON-DAY). The MOON was at a WANING CRESCENT at 16% luminosity on this day. The MOON exalts in the sign of TAURUS and MAY 22nd is right on the cusp of TAURUS (ruled by VENUS) leading into the Twin sign of GEMINI.

ARIANA GRANDE's name can be interpreted like this: ARIANA=ARIAN/ARYAN/PERSIAN,  GRANDE=GREAT/BIG/LARGE in Romance languages.

So ARIANA GRANDE could refer to a GREAT ARYAN or even refer to the PERSIAN EMPIRE, one of its leaders like DARIUS THE GREAT for example.

Not long after this event came the news that MANCHESTER UNITED football club had beaten AJAX AMSTERDAM in the EUROPA LEAGUE final held at STOCKHOLM SWEDEN.

STOCKHOLM was a location of another event which allegedly occured in the streets of STOCKHOLM involving a TRUCK or LORRY of some description. It is claimed that this truck RAMMED into pedestrians, quickly followed up by ARMED POLICE who quickly detained or shot the suspect described as an ISLAMIST.

Interesting also that in light of recent events, a recent attack allegedly occurred on the streets of AMSTERDAM at AMSTERDAM CENTRAAL STATION.

So the 2 teams involved in the EUROPA LEAGUE final had alleged attacks, one before the final, one further on after the final, and STOCKHOLM of course had an alleged event also before the final.

Next came the re-emergence of a one LIAM GALLAGHER who was the lead singer of OASIS, from MANCHESTER. LIAM GALLAGHER is a shy, troublesome lad who often shuns away from the media but has a loud mouth when he has something to say them.

LIAM came back from the dead to sing a sort of makeshift song called 'REMEMBER THE 22' (referring to the 22 people who allegedly died in the MANCHESTER ATTACK)

The number 22 is the 2nd MASTER NUMBER. It could also refer to the 22 letters of the HEBREW ALPHABET, or the 22 different paths of the KABBALAH which is known and practiced by Jews or Jewish Rabbis.

Next came the GO FUND ME appeals to help families of people who lost alleged loved ones or those who were injured in the event.

Next came a musical event called 'ONE LOVE' which featured ARIANA GRANDE as the lead performer, with the likes of JUSTIN BIEBER, LITTLE MIX and LIAM GALLAGHER once more. An event held some two weeks later at around 4th June 2017 (just one day after another event allegedly occurred on LONDON BRIDGE, CITY OF LONDON, LONDON on 3rd June 2017.


Note that LIAM GALLAGHER made a BIG FUSS about his brother NOEL GALLAGHER not being present on stage with him at the event. It was later announced that NOEL GALLAGHER was far away in ITALY relaxing on a boat. The world NOEL refers to CHRISTMAS from the French Language. A slight reference to PARIS,FRANCE or perhaps to RAFAEL NADAL (BIRTH/CHRISTMAS). NOEL is also a song sung around CHRISTMAS TIME for christians to remember the birth of the Son/Sun of GOD 3 days after the SHORTEST DAY on DECEMBER 21st. 

LIAM swore his head off ON STAGE berating his brother for not being at the concert. And I assume many children, perhaps some as young as 5 may have heard his foul mouthed expletives on stage.

Bear in mind that CARDIFF PRINCIPALITY STADIUM was previously booked for a certain EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL between REAL MADRID and JUVENTUS, a match up between the PURPLE GALACTICOS of MADRID versus the OLD LADY of JUVENTUS (These two references link up with QUEEN ELIZABETH II of ENGLAND)

Next came a TESTIMONIAL football match for JAMIE CARRICK, a former MANCHESTER UNITED football player under ALEX FERGUSON's tutelage. I think he later moved to CHELSEA (THE LIONS) in LONDON. This testimonial match was played on the same day as the ONE LOVE concert held at MANCHESTER with ARIANA GRANDE. ONE LOVE was shown on BBC 1 and the football match was on ITV 1 (UK).

Next came a transport incident involving a TRAM at VICTORIA STATION, right next door to the MANCHESTER ARENA where 22 people allegedly died.

This event held up transportation to and from another event called the PARKLIFE FESTIVAL held a little distance north at HEATON near MANCHESTER.



GO FUND ME fundraisers for victim's families and those injured.


LIAM GALLAGHER of OASIS comes back from the dead to sing a musical tribute after the Attack.


JAMIE CARRICK TESTIMONIAL match between MANCHESTER UNITED 2008 team versus a JAMIE CARRICK select 11 played at OLD TRAFFORD football stadium.

TRAM incident alleged to be a murder investigation, 1 week after the ONE LOVE concert at VICTORIA STATION right next door to the MANCHESTER ARENA.


Quite a feast of ENTERTAINMENT for the youngster to enjoy from an alleged TERROR episode in MANCHESTER ARENA, 2 football matches, 2 musical concerts.

And a nice link up with another TERROR EPISODE on LONDON BRIDGE on the SAME DAY as a Musical concert and Football match held in MANCHESTER just 322 Kilometers north of MANCHESTER in fact.

Also a link up to another alleged TERROR EPISODE in STOCKHOLM before the EUROPA LEAGUE final and then an attack in AMSTERDAM (cf AJAX AMSTERDAM played at STOCKHOLM in the FINAL)

In addition there were reports of another incident in MUNICH, Southern Germany. MUNICH is also well known to MANCHESTER UNITED fans because of the 1968 MUNICH AIR DISASTER which wiped out most of MATT BUSBY's football team as they planned to return to MANCHESTER from the cold, snow covered lands of MUNICH.

So another way to jog the memory banks for MANCUNIANS with a miserable event in MUNICH in 1968.

The media also insists on continuing the storyline of the MANCHESTER attack, intertwining it with the recent LONDON BRIDGE attack to keep both events fresh in the public's minds and/or double up the TERRORISM by the BRITISH GOVERNMENT upon the BRITISH PUBLIC who do not realise that the BRITISH GOVERNMENT can also be a TERRORIST as and when it pleases.

The very meaning of GOVERNMENT is to the RULE THE MIND. GOVERNMENT originally meant 'TO RULE BY INTIMIDATION', something the BRITISH GOVERNMENT, as well as any government is well rehearsed in achieving to undermine millions of people they must control on a 24/7/365 basis.

The purpose of ACTORS, SOLDIERS, AMATEUR DRAMATISTS, AMATEUR VIDEOGRAPHERS, PHOTOGRAPHERS at these events is that if a REAL attack was to ever occur again (cf THE LONDON ATTACK of 7th JULY 2005) the victims families would wish to SUE THE GOVERNMENT for Millions of Pounds and a Public Inquiry to name and shame the real perpetrators.

Monday, 12 June 2017


This blog is about the takeover of popular sports by the Black African communities in respective countries.

Sport should be open to anyone, White, Black, Asian, Indian, Native, Aborigine. The point of this particular blog is to show the progression from a nation that sported a completely WHITE team of players and fast forward to modern times where leading sports have brought in more and more black african athletes.

ENGLAND football team that beat WEST GERMANY in 1966 at WEMBLEY, ENGLAND

An ENGLAND 1983 Footbal team line up. This team features 2 Black African players.

An ENGLAND 1996 Football team line-i[. One Black African player in the lineup, i.e PAUL INCE (left, back row)

A recent photograph of the ENGLAND football team (about 2015 or so)
It features the likes of Gary Cahill, Adam Lallana, Jordan Henderson, Harry Kane. This line up has 5 players who are of Mixed Race or Black African descent.

ENGLAND Under 20 FOOTBALL TEAM who won the WORLD CUP in South Korea this year (2017)
The team features about 10 players of Black African descent from a squad of 21 players. So almost half the team is of Black African descent.

This is a FRANCE 1976 Football team line up. FRANCE was open to allowing players of Black African descent into their ranks. FRANCE  has allowed many immigrants from its French speaking colonies in Africa, North Africa, Caribbean and even South America and Asia.


FRENCH NATIONAL team line up from the 1980s featuring Michel Platini, all except 1 of the players are White.

A recent line up of the FRENCH National Football team featuring Olivier Giroud of Arsenal. This particular line up features 7 players of Black African descent.

GERMANY Football team line up from the 1986 World Cup Mexico
An all White line up

It is only in recent times that the German National Football team has succumbed to allowing Black and/or asian players into their ranks.

This is NETHERLANDs football team for the 1978 World Cup in Argentina

 A recent line up of the NETHERLANDs national team 2017 includes 3 players of Black African descent

The BELGIUM national team line up of 2016 includes 2 players of Black African descent.

SWITZERLAND National Team now has 2 players of Black or Asian descent

The AUSTRIAN football team features 1 player of Black African descent

SCOTLAND now has 1 player of Black African Descent

WALES football team has 3 players of Black African descent or mixed race.

NORTHERN IRELAND  has 1 player of Black African descent

This is really about showing how western european nations have embraced the issue of RACISM compared to Eastern European nations that have not. Probably because the leading nations are to be found in Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain,Portugal, Switzerland, Austria and Great Britain. These nations also have a history of colonising other parts of the world so many of the Black African players on display in West European teams is probably down to immigration from Colonial nations particuularly in Africa and the Caribbean or South American continent.

Many of the black players in the British lineups may have originated from Nigeria, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa or other African colonies or former colonies

French players may have come from Algeria, Morocco, Cameroon, Sengal, Cote d'ivoire, Mauritania, Congo.

This blog is meant to show the progression from completely white or predominantly white team lineups to a mix of White, Black or mixed race players.

For the sake of RACISM, it seems that Western nations have succumbed to a Black takeover of sporting teams. This is not only witnessed in the realm of FOOTBALL, but also in the realms of BASKETBALL, RUGBY, ATHLETICS.

It can be argued that Sport for the common people is slowly becoming infiltrated by people from certain social backgrounds. White people in western nations have come out of the slums of inner city areas or common working class areas and moved up in the world. This perhaps left a vacuum for immigrants to fill these inner city and working class areas due to unforseen circumstances like War,  hunger, famine or discrimination in their native lands. Discrimination from unfair laws or financial rules may have provoked native africans to leave their homestead in favour of a better place to reside.

The drawback of a Commonwealth of nations is that eventually some members of those nations may decide to pack their bags and go to the source of where all the wealth and economic success is originating.