Wednesday, 13 September 2017


HURRICANE HARVEY hit the city of HOUSTON (112 Std English, 31 Pythagoras, 37 Chaldean) on 25th August 2017. This comes about 12 years or 147 months after HURRICANE KATRINA hit NEW ORLEANS about 347 miles east on 23rd August 2005.

HURRICANE HARVEY (H.H) (229 Std English, 86 Pythagoras) seemed to come from the west and down onto HOUSTON in TEXAS. It isn't long after HOUSTON hosted the SUPERBOWL in FEBRUARY of this year which saw the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS beat ATLANTA FALCONS.

There was also an EARTHQUAKE in MEXICO in late August/early September which caused the deaths of about 100 people in CENTRAL MEXICO.

There was of course the CATEGORY 5 HURRICANE which skirted the outer islands of the CARIBBEAN and hit BARBUDA, BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS, CUBA, then onto FLORIDA in USA.

Interesting that none of the islands preceding ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA in the CARIBBEAN were affected. ANTIGUA itself was not affected as much as its sister island BARBUDA.

The MASONS like the BAR, although BARBUDA means BEARDED in Spanish. The BEARD is rather popular amongst HIPSTER MEN these days.

The HURRICANE also hit the VIRGIN ISLANDS and it was also the sign of VIRGO the VIRGIN in early SEPTEMBER, late AUGUST.


HOUSTON is the Masonic  HEW STONE of the PYRAMID.

HOUSTON and NEW ORLEANS are only 347 miles apart

HURRICANE KATRINA AND HURRICANE  HARVEY are 177 Pythagoras, 552 Std English.

Did a HURRICANE event in TEXAS have a knock on effect to cause an earthquake in MEXICO (33 Pythagoras) ?

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